Manage the cybersecurity of AI usage in your organization

Generative AI has taken the world by storm. This means people from almost all walks of life are using AI platforms and providing them with data that should not leave an organization. Visibility and enforcement when this occurs is extremely difficult to manage without the assistance of technology.

While there are benefits, doing so opens organizations up to additional cyber risks that were not previously present. The ability to identify these additional risks and remediate them is critical to all organizations.

In addition, staying across dynamic regulatory requirements is extremely challenging, let alone being able to validate adherence to policies, standards, guidelines and regulations.

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    What's with the dragon?

    2024 happens to be the year of the dragon in the lunar calendar. They are majestic, powerful, and mystical. The product and engineering team at Avertro also happen to think dragons are awesome. As such, it is the perfect spirit creature for CYBERHQ.AI's launch.

    CYBERHQ.AI is an Avertro product.

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